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Country Pines Incorporated is a family-owned printing company. We do religious printing for conservative Christian churches and schools, and general commercial printing. We do not print copy which includes profanity, x-rated material, material promoting cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or material we consider to be offensive. We reserve the right to decline any job if such a need would arise. .

Country Pines Inc. was founded in 1985 by family members who had already had several years of background in the printing industry. During the years, there have been several technological advances. Today, we offer computerized graphic design, electronic file submission, electronic proofs, full-color printing, bindery, and also complete mailing services.

We are grateful to our loyal customer base! Many of our customers have been with us since our first year of business. We do welcome new customers, and look forward to a continued business relationship.

Please contact us by email, phone or mail. We will be glad to discuss your printing needs and quote your project accordingly. Our normal operating hours are Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm.

About Our Online Store

For the convenience of our customers who are looking for an additional way to market their product, we have created our online store. The seller is in complete control of the pricing to be used for their item, any group discounts, and special sales. We will not adjust any prices without the consent or the request of the seller.

If we have published your item, we will list on consignment* at a 30% discount rate. If you have an item that we have not printed but you would like to have listed in our store, upon acceptance we will list your item on consignment* at a 40% discount rate. Please forward a sample copy for our review. Clearly mark "Review Copy" on the outside of the package. If we feel your item is compatible with our LISTING GUIDELINES, we will send you a consignment contract which you can sign and return with a supply of your product for our store inventory.

Please note: We must have inventory in our warehouse for an item to be listed in our store. This will allow our buyers to buy with confidence knowing that their order will be shipped in a timely manner. Also, since each item is on consignment, the only way we will know if there is product to ship is if we actually have the product in our inventory. We will notify you when our inventory supply is needing to be replenished. The only exception would be for an item that is in the final process of being printed at our print shop and will be available at a known publication date; in some instances we may pre-list an item with a listed release date or a coming soon flag.

LISTING GUIDELINES: Since it is our intention to only make available items that are wholesome and family oriented, we reserve the right to decline any copy which includes profanity, x-rated material, material promoting cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or material we consider to be offensive.

Consignment Details:

Seller will provide to us, at seller's expense, a supply of the item for inventory. Items must be carefully packed for shipping to us so as to be received by us in sellable condition.

Seller will complete the Consignment Contract, listing the quantity of each item sent and the accompanying selling price for each item.

Our Store will list your item, displaying an image and description of your item. When appropriate, we will also display either sample pages or sample text, or any other helpful presentation, so that the potential buyer can make a detailed review of this item before selecting for purchase. This will help insure that the customer will be satisfied with the purchase and therefore cut down on returned items.

Our Personnel will process all orders in a timely manner, keeping careful record of all sales per item. We will record all orders, handle all credit card processing fees, cover the listing expenses with our webmaster, provide shipping services and packaging supplies. We will also cover the expense of the free postage offer for all orders over $30.00.

For each item sold, we will accrue the 70% of sale price (for items which we have printed) or 60% of sale price (for all other listings). The remaining 30% or 40% will be retained by our store to be applied toward the operation/maintenance expenses.

Periodically, based on a monthly or quarterly period, determined by sales volume, we will issue a statement of the sales activity. We will also include your accrued percentage amount of every sale during that period.

Seller has the right to withdraw an item for sale from our online store at any time. Our Store will return any said inventory item not previously sold. A final periodic statement of sales activity and any monies accrued will be issued at our normal statement period.

Some of our items may be in direct contradiction to another item for sale. Hopefully, our carefully detailed descriptions of each item will allow our shoppers to make informed decisions about each product before purchasing. However, if an item is creating an excessive amount of negative comments, we reserve the right to discontinue the listing of an item at any time. At that point we will return any unsold merchandise, a final statement of sales activity and any monies accrued to date.

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Looking for a way to market your music products or printed items? Review our Consignment Details on the About Us page.

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