Biography Books

Eyes to See by Becky Keep


Eyes to See chronicles the loss of a little boy's sight in one of the most powerful human-interest stories I have read in years. Like thread pulled by a needle, you will quickly be drawn into the traumatic events that plunged a young missionary couple into deep uncertainty and their youngest son, Jesse, into total darkness. As physical sight is lost, spiritual insight is gained - insight so profound that your eyes will be opened to see how God can redeem the most agonizing experiences for our good and His glory! - Dr. Michael Avery, President, God's Bible School and College

Price: $12.99

Keepers of the Gifts by Tom Jahn


Tom Jahn was an Indiana Conservation Officer for over 36 years. He retired as F/Sgt. - Asst. District Commander, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Division. He was known throughout the State of Indiana as an inspiring leader who instilled in people the real meaning of “preserving our natural resources.” His exciting career led him through the scenic hills of Indiana enforcing fish and game laws, to fighting wildfires in the Rocky Mountains of the West, to treacherous rescue and recovery missions, including assignments in states ravished by hurricanes and flooding. He and his wife Barbara live in Dubois County, Indiana.

Price: $18.95

Uncle Bud Robinson by Elizabeth (Smith) Hamilton


From the home of a drunkard to an evangelist who touched thousands of lives, this five-chapter adaptation of Uncle Bud Robinson will show the power of God. Excellent for Sunday schools, vacation Bible schools, and camp meetings.

Price: $14.95

Snippets by Berdena Carpenter


 This is a snippet of stories and thoughts to make you laugh and cry. You will try to get a job at a turkey factory, travel up the hill to the wart lady, encounter demons, see the miracles God provides in our daily life and even be wide-eyed thinking a ghost may be standing at the foot of your bed. Along the journey you will be inspired to write the stories of your life so your future generations will remember your "snippets." So laugh and cry but most of all enjoy Snippets - Pieces of a Life Blessed by God.

Price: $15.00

Earthly Angels by Phyllis Milkon


The extraordinary life of David Chen: orphan, underground church pastor and Moody Bible School graduate - class of 1944. The story begins when David is a starving three year old in China and continues through his life (100 years old in 2007) showing the many miracles that occurred when God showed up.

Price: $14.00

Paul Rees: Portrait of a Preacher by Glenn D. Black


This book is not the typical biography. This book is, instead, an endeavor to develop selected pictures of Paul Rees as a person, preacher, pastor and penman, with a postscript reflecting editorially on him and his ministry. He was “A man of great stature, A man of humility, A man with God-given radiance, We cannot help but see!”

Price: $19.95

Mambo by Claudine Chamberlin


Claudine (Bustin) Chamberlin, eldest daughter of the Bustins, tells the story of the woman "behind the scenes" who labored faithfully by her husband's side in the Southwest, in Haiti, and the Bahamas, and who "kept the home fires burning" while, on the other side of the world, her husband opened up the Highlands of New Guinea to the Gospel. Lura Bustin's ministry ended at the early age of 44 years, but the story of her sacrificial labors in that short lifetime will inspire you and live on 'til time shall be no more.

Price: $14.95

Thrills, Trials and Triumphs by Claudine Chamberlin


Thrills, Trials and Triumphs of a Pioneer Missionary Wife and Mother in the Highlands of New Guinea. You will not be able to lay this book down. The author takes you with her into a remote valley of the New Guinea Highlands where incredible dangers and deprivations become a way of life. The road ends eight miles from the mission station, the rest of the way is a slippery trail and a series of precarious vine swinging bridges.

Price: $17.95

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