Letter to Pastors from Judith Brumbaugh

Dear Pastor:

As a pastor, you may find that one of the most difficult aspects of the ministry is counseling a family in your congregation that is disintegrating because of a divorce. In many instances, one of the spouses does not want the divorce, while the other is adamant about severing all aspects of the relationship. As God's watchman on the wall, you must be grieved to see what is happening to the unity and structure of the family, knowing that Scripture says God hates divorce.

Each year, more than one million American families are destroyed as the result of the granting of a divorce petition by the courts of our nation. Those spouses opposing the divorce discover, to their utter dismay, that they are quite powerless to stop the court from legally dissolving their marriage. Most people are not even aware that it is normally constitutionally unlawful for a state to legally dissolve a valid contract--to impair the obligations of a contract. And marriage is a union that the states deem to be a contract. Additionally, many people are not aware that by bringing a lawsuit for the dissolution of a marriage before a court, the government can take control of the children and the family assets of the marriage.

It is hoped that you will invest the time to read the book Judge, Please Don't Strike That Gavel... On My Marriage which highlights some of the injustices that are happening to families in American divorce courts, specifically through what is known as "No-fault Divorce."

Attorney J. Shelby Sharpe, a lawyer with more than 40 years of experience in litigation involving federal and state constitutional issues, and one of the endorsers for the book, has written: "No-fault Divorce is the most devastating event that has ever occurred in American history by any measurement. This book describes those consequences and explains why all No-fault Divorce laws should be repealed." Attorney Sharpe further states, "A No-fault Divorce is the only claim recognized in the state courts of the United States where the due process clause for protecting a fundamental right, (which marriage has been found to be by the United States Supreme Court) is ignored and patently disregarded." After reading Judge, Please Don't Strike That Gavel ... On My Marriage, may you understand the need to advocate for the repeal of the No-fault Divorce laws in our nation as these laws strike at the very heart of God's sacred union, the family.

In Christ's Service,

Mrs. Judith A. Brumbaugh
Founder, Restoration of the Family, Inc.
Author, Judge, Please Don't Strike
That Gavel. . . On My Marriage

(407) 365-4086

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