Children’s Books

Where Does an Alligator Go When It Rains? by E. J. Hobson


 Where DOES an alligator go when it rains? This nicely illustrated book has several options that MIGHT happen until the story ends with what REALLY happens when it rains. I hope you enjoy this book!

Price: $6.99

The Squirrel Who Wanted to See the World by E. J. Hobson


A small, nicely illustrated book about a squirrel who began a journey to see the world. Others joined him when they heard about this exciting expedition, but their trip came to an abrupt end.

Price: $4.99

Gus, The Feeling-Better Polar Bear by Angela Parrino


Gus, The Feeling-Better Polar Bear is based on the story of Gus, the polar bear, formerly of the Central Park Zoo. Gus follows Dr. Kim's advice and is healed by the generosity of many caring people around the world who make him feel loved. The 1st book of a six-book set, Gus, The Feeling-Better Polar Bear focuses on emotional wellness.

Price: $9.00

Gretta the Geep Is More Than a Sheep by Angela Parrino


Gretta the Geep is More than a Sheep is a story of discrimination and a non-violent response to it. It is also a story about the power of words, both those written and spoken, to affect a change in behavior. Although Gretta experiences personal pain when ostracized by her classmates, she rises above it to warn them of an impending storm.The third book of a six book children's wellness set, Gretta the Geep is More than a Sheep focuses on interpersonal wellness.

Price: $10.00

A Friend Like Rusty by Angela Parrino


A Friend Like Rusty is a story of loss, love, and remembering our best friends. When we lose our best friend, our hearts ache. It's difficult to feel happy at first, but in time, we smile again, remembering the love we shared.

Price: $12.00

There's Good in Every Bunny by John Potestivo


When confronted with the choice of stealing food as other bunnies have, Bilal chooses generosity, bringing an irate farmer a special gift that warms his heart.

Price: $10.00

Wendy Warbler Up Close! by Courtney Appel-Sadler


The second of a children's wellness set, this book focuses on physical wellness. It is based on the author's own experience as a child with near-sightedness and her need to wear glasses to experience the world in 20/20.

Price: $12.00

Jei Jumps for Joi by Angela Parrino


Jei Jumps for Joi is about a dog's journey to find a purpose larger than himself. Taking place in Japan, Jei, a self-centered golden retriever, plans a big jump to earn him the affection of the community and steal the limelight from Joi, the town's beloved Shiba Inu. Although Jei is determined not to let anything get in his way, he awakens on the morning of his planned event, to the rumbles of an earthquake that send the town seeking shelter and Joi in dire need of being rescued,. Only a gifted jumper like Jei can reach the injured Joi.

Price: $12.00

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