Children’s Books

Inacio's Kind of Magic by Angela Parrino


Inacio's Kind of Magic is the story of a chameleon lizard who showcases his changing colors in "magic" shows around the world. Inacio is a bohemian, saxophone-playing, world travler and polyglot who teaches the characters from the other stories who meet in this book that change happens from the inside-out. The 6th book o f a six-book set, Inacio's Kind of Magic focuses on mental wellness.

Price: $12.00

Oliver and His Unlikely Friend by Jacqueline Lopresti


 Oliver and His Unlikely Friend is a story about a bulldog and a toad who form a bond that sees past their physical differences. A heartwarming story that highlights true friendship, regardless of its shape or size.

Price: $10.00

Under the Sea with Addie by Angela Parrino


Under the Sea with Addie is a story about an octopus who recycles discarded coconut shells to build a house for her and her mother. In the story, Addie's home gets so tall that it peeks through the water, causing humans to question its origin. Addie's mom encourages her to tell her story to the humans so that they will take care of Planet Earth. The 4th book of a six-book set. Under the Sea with Addie focuses on environmental wellness.

Price: $10.00

Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers by Danielle M Chery


 Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers is a story of a boy's personal journey with self-expression and trust. Intended for children ages 6+.

Price: $12.00

The Firefly that Helped His Friends by Marie B. Hawkins


 After finding Glitter, Lightup thinks everything in his world will be fine. But, with a knock on the door, turmoil unfolds in the insect world. The disaster brings friends, enemies, and other insects alike asking for help. See how the insects fight for survival in their little world, and how they must help each other under the guiding help of Lightup.

Price: $8.00

The Firefly that Couldn't Fly by Marie B. Hawkins


This story is about a firefly that could not fly, and the long journey to solve the problem. He meets friendly, not so friendly, and strange looking insects on this journey to flying. Travel along with him and see how his life changes.

Illustrated by Bryan Kotwica

Price: $8.00

Uncle Bud Robinson by Elizabeth (Smith) Hamilton


From the home of a drunkard to an evangelist who touched thousands of lives, this five-chapter adaptation of Uncle Bud Robinson will show the power of God. Excellent for Sunday schools, vacation Bible schools, and camp meetings.

Price: $14.95

Maggie's Wish by Marilyn Anderson


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Ever since Maggie could remember, she'd wanted a pony of her very own. Then her dad promised her that something special would arrive in a big truck. It was her pony. She was sure of it. But when the truck arrived, Maggie was in for the surprise of her life.

Price: $2.00

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