Children’s Books

Do You Have a Question by Barry L. Mason


This song can be used as an effective prayer song. Interest can be added by dividing the group of singers into smaller groups having one group sing the questions and the other group singing the answers.

Price: $7.75

Right and Wrong by Barry L. Mason


This simple, illustrated song is illustrated in 11"X14" booklet form. It is a delightful song with a GREAT message. Teach your young people that wrong is always wrong and that right is always right. This song encourages children and youth to do right even though no one else is doing good. Performed on Adventure IV (Fighting Life's Giants)

Price: $7.75

At the Battle's Front by Elizabeth (Smith) Hamilton


Illustrated by Judy (Anderson) Simmons

This 5 chapter story, with 25 full-color illustrations to hold the children's interest, makes this book an excellent resource for Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible Schools and campmeetings. From a barefoot troublemaker in the hills of Southern Indiana to a soldier in God's army, the life story of Rev. Lewis Glen Smith is a blessing. This story has held the attention of children from all different walks of life.

Price: $14.95

Ninth Inning by Freda Dehoff


Every twelve-year-old has a dream. Experience with Carla her times of joy and also her heartaches as she dreams of playing softball on the school team. Even though she lacks the confidence to believe that her dream will come true, she continues to pray every day that God would help her make the team. Does God hear and answer the prayers of a twelve-year-old girl? Does Carla make the softball team?

Price: $11.95

A Family Catechism for the Young by Kenneth H. Fay


The Catechism is designed to introduce many basic Bible Doctrines and God's plan of salvation so that parents, relatives and church leaders might truthfully say of the young that are in their charge what the apostle Paul said of young Timothy . . . "And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus" (2 Timothy 3:15).

Price: $6.00

ABC Bible Songs


Music by Eleanor J. Fay
Illustrated by Ramona Kurton

These songs are suitable for use in the home, Sunday School, Bible Club, Vacation Bible School, and Christian Day Schools. There are 26 songs and illustrations: each letter of the alphabet represents a bible character, with a small poem set to music for each character, and a Bible verse for each one. A great way to teach the children in a way they will remember. Sample titles are: A is for Abraham, B is for Barnabas, C is for Christ, D is for Daniel, N is for Noah, W is for Wise Solomon, X is for Xerxes, Y is for the Years of Methuselah, Z is for Zaccheus.

Price: $7.00

Zodiac Summer by Roy L. Wachter


Zodiac Summer is a page turner from the start as four summer camp friends find themselves bound for the mysterious Scorpio Island. Only faith and wit can help the teens as they live out the most challenging summer of their lives. This suspenseful adventure is laced with quirky humor and surprising twists every step of the way.

Price: $11.95

Zapped by Roy L. Wachter


On a cold day in February, what at first appeared to be an ordinary fire drill at Orion High School was later determined to be a diversion while someone stole money from the safe in the athletic director's office. That theft initiated a series of events that would tragically change the lives of three members of the boy's varsity basketball team. Eric Lawrence, a science teacher at Orion High, gets involved in an investigation that reveals some complicity by several staff members. With the assistance of three students and his neighbor, Robert West, Eric discovers some truths that he wishes he didn't know. Eric is shocked and disturbed by the conclusion of his sleuthing.

Price: $11.95

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