Books on Christian Doctrine

True Witness by Shelly Taylor


True Witness will help you understand what your life is saying to others. It will help you deliberately plan your standards and way of life to be a true witness for the Lord. It may also help you pass your faith on to your children as you diligently teach them God’s Word.

Price: $12.00

The Beauty of Holiness by Nelson S. Perdue


There is nothing more beautiful than holiness, nothing more desirable than purity, and nothing more abiding than love. This characterizes the life of the Spirit-filled Christian and enables him to adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things. Holiness is always beautiful when perfect love flows from a pure heart and these are the qualities of entire sanctification.

Price: $10.00

Steps of Grace by Stephen Gibson


 How can I be holy while I am human? What kind of perfection does God expect of us? Is there a climax of grace beyond conversion? If sin is an action, what is pride? Is sanctification a process or a climax or both? What does it mean to mature spiritually? What really happened at Pentecost? What is the evidence of the baptism of the Spirit? Is there such a thing as accidental sin?

Price: $10.00

If There Is a God by Thomas Lorimer


Is holiness really all that important? We know it is important for pastors, missionaries and Christian workers. But what about ordinary people who rub shoulders with the world every day? Does God want them to be sanctified? Is it possible to live a holy life in this present sinful world? Is that realistic?

Price: $12.95

Daily Thoughts on Holiness by Bruce Moyer


Daily Thoughts on Holiness is a one-year devotional. Each devotional focuses on a portion of Scripture and they are arranged in Biblical order. There are more than fifty contributors who are passionate about the topic of holiness—a life fully surrendered to Christ. Some are published theologians, and others have never been published before—pastors, missionaries, and laypersons who urge us all to be wholly devoted followers of Jesus.

Price: $10.00

Are You Attracting a Spiritual Atmosphere? by Daniel E. Mitchell


“I gotta get closer to God!” Ever say that? Ever think it? Nothing in this life will really satisfy you until you do get closer to the Lord. This book not only answers how you can draw near to God, it gives you some actual strategy for long-term spiritual growth. Within this book you’ll understand: How to get closer to God; How to attract Heaven’s attention to you; and How to set the pace to empower others to Attract the Spiritual Atmosphere you long for. Loaded with grace and godly counsel, this book will add significant value to your life immediately as you pursue an irresistible, undeniable and sustainable daily encounter with Jesus Christ.

Price: $10.00

Comforted by His Love by Daniel E. Mitchell


Look what you’ll discover in this little book: When the Lord helps you, He refreshes Himself; You can eliminate “Burnout”; You can live to Today; You can buy back your time; You can increase your Anointing; You can experience His Constant Love; You can expect the Lord to do the Impossible. So…have this Little Book with you to tie the Anchor of Hope to your soul and wrap the Love of God around your heart.

Price: $8.00

The Evidence for Entire Sanctification by R. David Bloomfield


Dr. Nelson Perdue says of this book: The author has approached the subject of entire sanctification as a lawyer would present his case in a court room. He has a firm grasp of the subject matter, and with great skill he articulates the evidence for his case from God’s Holy Word that is undeniable and non-negotiable. Every minister of the Gospel should have this book in their library.

Price: $20.00

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