Christmas Plays

Jared's Search for Peace by Donna McHugh


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format--not a printed book.


Jared's Search for Peace is a 45 minute narrated Christmas

Program that can be performed with a minimal amount of participants.

  • A pianist
  • Narrator(s)
  • Singers
  • Scripture Readers
  • Flannelgraph plus worker to change the scenes
  • Optional: Several people could pantomime parts.

Jared, a young man who worked in his father’s shop, overheard many stories of traveling merchants who came into the shop. The more they talked, the more restless Jared became. He got his wish and boldly started out in his trek to make money. However, things did not turn out for the prodigal as he had planned. Come, join Jared on his Search for Peace.

Price: $10.00

The Savior Has Come by Donna McHugh


A 25-Day Christmas Devotional (Not a Christmas Play)

NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format - not a printed book.

The Savior Has Come! devotional is not year specific so it can be downloaded and used at a later date if not used for the 2012 Christmas season.

Come along with me as we take a fresh look at the Scriptures and prepare our hearts to celebrate the reason for the season: The Savior Has Come!

Because it is in PDF format, it can be downloaded to Kindle.

Price: $8.95

Journey to the Manger by Donna McHugh


It had been an unusually difficult day for the shepherds on the hillsides of Bethlehem. The sheep were so restless for some unknown reason. Benjamin, his little grandson, Andrew, and the other shepherds finally were able to settle down around the campfire to enjoy some much needed rest. However, their night was far from over.

Come; join Benjamin, Andrew and the other shepherds on a life-changing journey to the manger!

Price: $20.00

Finding the Value of X by Amy Russell


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format, not a printed book.

In a time when even Christians are worried about being “politically correct”, “Finding the Value of 'X'” helps us to understand that without Christ, there is no Christmas! With the help of a dream and a true friend, Ashley finds out that Christ is still relevant in our day. He truly is the Reason for the Season and is still in the business of changing lives!

This 20-25 minute play is adaptable to small and medium sized churches. Script is written for 11 cast members, but parts are small enough to allow for one person performing more than one role, if necessary.

Price: $22.00

From Darkness to Light by Amy Russell


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format, not a printed book.

"From Darkness to Light” illuminates the power of Jesus, the Light of the World, to penetrate hearts and change lives. Beginning at Creation, it paints a dreary picture of the effects that sin has wielded in our world, and then works its way through Jesus’ birth, ministry, death and resurrection, reminding us that nothing is too hard for God!

This 20-25 minute play is adaptable for small to medium churches. It requires minimal memorization, intermingling narration and acting parts. Sets can be as simple or complex as desired. “From Darkness to Light” can also be adapted for an Easter program.

Price: $22.00

A Shepherd's Question by Marilyn Anderson


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format, not a printed book

Nate (aka Nathaniel), a shepherd who has been to see Jesus in the manger, has questions. He knows that this baby is supposed to do great things, but he's not sure what those things are. A peppy angel named Felicity appears to help him understand that the baby is the long-awaited Messiah. Mr. Jefferson has heard the story of Jesus's birth, death, and resurrection a million times, and it bores him. His children are inclined to agree. This play brings the shepherd and the jaded family together to compare notes. As a result, the Jeffersons see Christmas with fresh eyes, and perhaps your audience will as well. The play can be performed by a mixture of children and adults or just children. The dialogue is snappy, funny, and non-preachy.  Nine (9) actors/actresses and a chorus are required. Performance time about 15 minutes.

Price: $10.00

The Greatest Story by Katrina Griggs


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—not a printed book

A child is told the Christmas story of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, while visiting the elderly babysitter, Mrs. Peterson.  Chris is used to hearing lots of stories that have princesses and dragons in them, but discovers that the true story of Christmas is much more exciting.  As the story of the Baby Jesus is told, Chris realizes that the story of Jesus' birth is the greatest story ever told. The total cast is 16, plus choir.  If choir is not available, then cd can be used.  Song suggestions are included.  This drama uses a split stage setting and incorporates a manger scene.  While Mrs. Peterson is telling the story on one side of the stage, the actors are playing out the story on the other side.  The play runs approximately 30 minutes.

Price: $10.00

The True Spirit of Christmas by Katreana Griggs


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—not a printed book

This drama is a modern-day Christmas play that follows a young woman's search for Christmas spirit by working in a department store at Christmas.   Working at the perfume counter, a fellow employee teaches her that lights, decoration, music and food do not make up the true spirit of Christmas.  Instead, she discovers that the worship of Jesus Christ is the true spirit of Christmas.  The total cast for this plays is 11, plus choir, or cd can be used instead.  This drama is suited for teens or adults, and includes one child.  Only one simple set is needed throughout the entire production.  Traditional Christmas music is used, and song suggestions are included. The running time is approximately 30 minutes.

Price: $10.00

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