Christmas Plays

Is Something Missing? by Gail Hobelman (Download Version)


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—Print Version Also Available

And Four More Christmas Plays and One Christmas Skit. This books contains 5 Christmas plays and one Christmas Skit. These plays were performed by the author's local church and were compiled into book form upon the encouragement of those who have heard the plays performed. They felt the quality and content of these plays should be available for other church and school groups looking for a good, Christ-centered Christmas play.

Price: $4.99

A Night at the Inn by Katreana Griggs


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—not a printed book

A Night At The Inn is a Christmas play that tells the story of the night that Jesus Christ is born. The audience will see the tale unfold through the eyes of the innkeeper and his wife. As the shepherds and wise men stop by to share their amazing experiences, they discover who the baby, born in their lowly stable, really is. This play only uses 2 simple sets, one of which, is a manger scene at the end. The songs are traditional Christmas hymns, so no special music is needed. The total cast is 12 members, plus choir, and runs approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Price: $10.00

The Cradle


A Christmas Program by Donna McHugh

NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format - not a printed book.

Marcus nervously made his way up the stairs and knocked on the commander's door. "Whatever could the commander want this time?" Marcus thought as he awaited the response from the commander. After a brief greeting, the commander got to the crux of the matter. It seems there was a rumor floating around the countryside about a supposed angelic appearance to a young virgin and that made the Roman commander a little bit nervous. Join Marcus on his search for the truth which led him to Joseph's carpenter shop where he found him working on a cradle. Joseph is alarmed when he hears about Marcus' mission. What were those loose-tongued villagers saying now? How would this all affect his wife and the Promised One? Shortly after the visit from the soldier, Joseph heard the call for assembly. There he learned that Caesar Augustus wanted to tax all of the world! What could this mean for Joseph and Mary? How could they raise the money for a trip to Bethlehem?...And what about Mary? Would she be able to make the trip in her condition?

Join Joseph as he discovers exactly how God plans for the birth of His Son and how he learns to trust God to work out the details!

Price: $9.00

Answered Prayer


A Doll for Christmas
A Christmas Skit by Novella Allbright

This is a short skit (approximately 15 minutes) that starts with some children and their teacher preparing a gift box for a missionary family. One of the little girls brought her best doll to send because her mother said giving to others was like giving to Jesus so she wanted to give something very special.

The second scene is about the missionary family as they wait for their father to come home. They mention Christmas in the States with lots of gifts and the fact that there aren't many gifts to open this Christmas. When the father does arrive, he has with him the gift box that was sent from the class. As they open the box, there is a gift for everyone. But the most special gift was the doll which was for their invalid daughter, who had been praying for a doll for Christmas.

Price: $3.00

Jesus Is Right for Whatever's Wrong


A Christmas Play by Eloise Haycox

NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—not a printed book

This 12-scene Christmas play requires 18 people with speaking parts and would probably run about 45-60 minutes. Additional non-speaking people can be used in several of the scenes.

Carla's sister is tragically killed on the way to the grocery store and their mother blames Carla. While in college, Carla lodges with Mrs. Martin, a Christian who loves people and models a different lifestyle than Carla has ever seen. Through a chain of circumstances involving a child whose legs are paralyzed from a car wreck, Carla and her mother are brought together at Christmas time and the process of reconciliation begins.

Price: $15.00

Talk of the Temple by Katreana Griggs


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—not a printed book

Talk Of The Temple is a Christmas play that tells the story of Simeon and Anna's joy at finally seeing the Christ, in flesh, at the temple in Jerusalem. Jesus' birth also brings unexpected experiences to others in the temple that believe he has come into the world as their Savior. This play has 11 participants, plus choir, and runs 30 minutes. Only one set is needed throughtout, and minimum props are needed. Song suggestions are included.

Price: $10.00

Angels on Assignment by Katreana Griggs


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—not a printed book

Angels On Assignment is a Christmas play that tells the story of the angels getting their assignments to give the good news of the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior. It follows the individual angels as they complete their jobs of appearing to people on earth. This play has a cast of 15 members, plus choir, and runs 30 minutes. This play has recommendations of adding or removing cast members to suit your church or school. There are suggestions for song selections and can be performed by a large or small group, and has easily removed sets and props.

Price: $10.00

Giving Our Best and the Real Christmas Story


NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format—not a printed book

This Christmas Play is a modern day story about a new Christian family who had never heard the real Christmas story. They are invited to go to the Christmas Pageant which is presenting “The Real Christmas Story.” The Christmas Pageant starts with reading the prophecy concerning Jesus’ birth, and covers the appearance of the angel to Mary and to Joseph, the Inn Keeper who had no room, and the wisemen’s search for the Christ child. There are lots of Music Suggestions for the church that has lots of musical talent, or songs can be played from CD’s if singers are not available.  The music helps keep the follow thru of the Christmas story while the stage scenes are being rearranged.  However, the Christmas Story is still complete, without the music, for the churches that need less performance time.  After the pageant is over, the modern day story brings out the conclusion of the play as they visit the daughter in the hospital and they discuss “giving our best” to God.

Price: $20.00

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