Judge, Please Don't Strike That Gavel on My Marriage by Judith A. Brumbaugh
Judge, Please Don't Strike That Gavel on My Marriage by Judith A. Brumbaugh

Judith Brumbaugh's book could just as aptly be called The Court-Ship of Judith, as it describes the author's frustrating and painful six-year journey from her Florida kitchen to the United States Supreme Court. In a page-turning account, it tells how she set out to overturn Florida's insidious No-fault Divorce Law, our nation's Trojan Horse, and, in the bargain, learned how the judicial system empowers those who want to walk away from a "contract." She was court-ordered from her home in exchange to "broker" her constitutional right to a court hearing. With a few possessions and cardboard boxes, including what was to become her most important weapon--her typewriter--she began her nomadic journey to show how divorce has impacted and devastated families and society in general. The book brings to light the fallacy and illegality of the irreconcilable differences as grounds for unilaterally dissolving a marriage.

The vital issues brought to light in the book could affect YOUR future:

  • Why is No-fault Divorce considered one of the most devastating events ever to occur in U.S. history?
  • Is it true that No-fault Divorce Laws violate our Constitution?
  • Do you realize that if you go to court in a divorce lawsuit that the government can take control of your children and your property?
  • Should all No-fault Divorce Laws be repealed?
  • What are the many ways that you can suffer financially if your spouse decides to divorce you?
  • Is it really true that our government gives judicial rights and privileges to criminals while denying them to defendants involved in divorce litigation?
  • Why isn't our court system equipped to adequately handle divorce cases so that equal justice is provided to both parties?
  • How does the government avert our constitutional right to trial by jury in issues dealing with family law?
  • Are you aware that the government invalidates our constitutional contractual rights in the family law arena?
  • Do you know the vital differences between a covenant and a contract?
  • In what ways is our government legislatively and judicially destroying the institution of marriage and attendant families?
  • What is happening to the vital relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and should we be alarmed?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: To stay committed. . . it's the only answer
Chapter 2: Judicial tyranny has many faces
Chapter 3: No-fault inflicts cruel and unjust hardships
Chapter 4: We each went to court for different reasons
Chapter 5: There is no divorce against this family
Chapter 6: My day in court: a long time in coming
Chapter 7: From the judicial to the legislative to the executive branches, I pleaded
Chapter 8: Contract or covenant, which is it?
Chapter 9: Is it over? How could I have missed one of the procedures?
Chapter 10: More challenges: The U.S. Supreme Court was not "user friendly"!

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